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Cape Cod Boat Ramps
Rock Harbor- Orleans MA
Rock Harbor Boat Ramp located on Dyer Prince Rd., on the Eastham side of Rock Harbor offers good access to Cape Cod Bay and nearby Billingsgate Shoal where Striped Bass and Bluefish are the favorite targets. However this is a tidal harbor and is high and dry at low tide. It is recommended that you launch (and return) within two hours of high tide although small boats and boats with power trim and tilt can make it three hours on either side of low tide. Be advised, do not push your luck. Many a fine fishing boat has sat aground, with children making sand castles around the boat, for hours!  

Ryders Cove- Chatham MA
Ryder's Cove is located off Route 28 in Chatham. It provides immediate, direct access to Pleasant Bay, the  old Chatham Cut or the New Cut, which offers access to the waters East of Chatham where Goose Hummock Endorsed Charter Captains and customers fish for bass, blues and Bluefin Tuna.  During the commercial striped bass season,  parking becomes very limited. The Town of Chatham initiated an online sign up to launch your boat here in 2011 with a limit of 40 boats per day and a hefty fee. Check the Town of Chatham website to see what the rules are, or face a fine! Be aware some of the trailer parking slots are reserved for Chatham Residents. The channel out to the Chatham Cut is well marked but pay attention there are many places where a mistake will put you aground. The "New Cut" is best navigated with local knowledge and during daylight. Swells from the east can make both inlets dangerous to navigate. If the wind is brisk from any direction that has EAST in it stay home or in Pleasant Bay. Between shoals and strong currents the Chatham Cutscan be dangerous. 
Town Cove, Orleans MA

The Town Cove Boat Ramp is located on Old CountyRd. just off Route 6a ,in Orleans, right behind the Goose Hummock Shop.  The ramp puts you directly in Nauset Harbor and it's approximately a 3 mile run out to Nauset Inlet and the Atlantic Ocean. There is very limited parking here so get here early. The channel out to Nauset Inlet is well marked in the summer season but pay attention. Fishing can be good for Striped Bass on the inside but if you intend to venture out of the inlet make sure you know what you are doing. The shoals are ever shifting and the currents very strong. Get caught up in outgoing currents and incoming surf and you are in deep trouble. Plan when you are going out AND when you will return with care and ask for local advice.
More Cape Cod Boat Ramps posted soon!!!
Wellfleet Harbor, Wellfleet, MA

Wellfleet Harbor offers good access to Cape Cod Bay and has the added benefit of Wellfleet Bay which is protected from all but South/Southwest winds.  There is good parking here but it still can get quite crowded .The channel is marked, but the first buoy can be hard to locate... use your navigation chart .Wellfleet Harbor can be one of the safest places to launch into Cape Cod Bay on the Outer Cape. 
Pamet River, Truro Ma

Pamet River, in Truro, offers access to Cape Cod Bay. The ramp has been improved and there is a fair amount of parking. There is a fee and the Harbor Master can be found in a small shack by the ramp. Make sure you park your trailer within the confines of those white lines painted on the parking lot or  the Harbormaster will be a very unhappy guy! Some boaters come and go here during all stages of the tide but it is quite low at low tide! What is nice is that you are located north in Cape Cod Bay and well situated for a run to Race Point or beyond to Stellwagen Bank.
Sesuit Harbor Dennis , MA

Sesuit Harbor in Dennis is located off Route 6A and Sesuit Neck Rd. It offers good access to Cape Cod Bay. Parking is limited and you should pay attention to the signs that indicate where you can and CANNOT park. This is a good choice for launching if you want to fish the South end of Cape Cod Bay and do not want to be tidal bound. And, Yes, the boat in the picture did have a drain plug malfunction and is draining! This ramp can be used off season or if you are a resident "in season". Non-residents can launch at the ramp on the other side of the harbor. This facility is all new with a double ramp and nice floating docks Check a local map to see which side you want to get to. There is a fee or you can get a season pass at the town hall. 
Saqutucket Harbor, Harwich MA
Saquatucket Harbor offers access to Nantucket Sound and all points beyond. It is well protected and has a large number of slips, one that I have reserved for my next life. The facilities are well developed, keep to your right after you enter the parking area off of RT. 28 in Harwich and drive around in front of the Harbor Masters Quarters. Stop at the "Stop Sign" and register with whoever is on duty. There is a fee. Then you continue around to the ramp and after launching there is a large parking lot dedicated to trailers! If the wind is blowing from the south like it was when this photo was taken STAY HOME! 
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